Mommy baker

Finally! So here it goes… I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while now, well maybe not a while… About 6 months to be exact. See I’m a sucker for baked treats – especially home-baked treats. I guess you could say I have a sweet tooth as some might say. But here’s the thing, I love pretty much anything that’s been baked and I guess that’s why I can never lose weight.

Anyway, I gave birth to my beautiful son 5 months ago and after having read mommy blogs, I thought I’d never have time to myself. But lo and behold, I had plenty of time on my hands while on maternity leave (partly due to my amazing mother who’s been extremely helpful and well my boy is sweet) and that’s when I decided to rekindle my love for baking. See, my love for baking started at a very young age when my dear mom and grandma used to bake for the entire family. I used to love getting my hands dirty! I mean, who doesn’t love the feel of sweet and sticky dough on their hands. Fast forward a decade later and I stopped baking – just like that. I guess I got caught up in the moment of growing up (not really).

So now here I am, baking again thanks to my son and fiancé, who absolutely loves the kitchen but sucks at baking. But really the person who deserves credit for finally pushing me to start this blog is a former school mate who asked if he could buy my (recipe) book because he’s a fan of my work… Well my pictures to be precise 🙂

I am not a writer but I would love to share my journey as a new mom with you as well as the tons of recipes I’ll be trying. To share what works and what doesn’t; what tastes good, what looks good but sucks and what would be perfect for a family gathering, a kiddies party or even a lady’s tea party. I will try my best to post blog at least once a week so please feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts with me.

Happy baking!


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